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SfS visiting family Daraban from Bijeljina

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Representatives of the Charity Organizations Serbs for Serbs from the Republic of Srpska visited during the last weekend the six-member family Daraban from Bijeljina, which has four minor children. The head of the family and the father Ilije with his wife Snezana has two sons and two daughters: Ilije (11), Gabrijel (13), Dijana (15) and Ivana (16).

The children go to a nearby school in Bijeljina, and the family lives in a house where father Ilije grew up. The house is an old building, has one ground-floor and one additional facility in a very small yard. The latrine in the yard is in a catastrophic state, so that the family itself has a great desire to get construction materials in order to provide a normal bathroom, which would be built near the house.

Gabrijel, Ilije, Dijana and Ivana Daraban

Father Ilije is a construction worker-painter who thus earns money and nourishes his family. The host is currently performing construction works on a house in the village, which is located 19 km from Bijeljina, and the bicycle is his means of transport, but he does not complain, it’s not difficult for him to go anywhere where there is work. Usually people call him to work for a wage or certain companies call him as a kind of help out, also for a wage. He has no permanent salary, and his wife Snezana is also not employed.

A wood-burning stove that was provided to family Daraban

We have helped family Daraban twice by purchasing both the wood-burning stove and firewood. They are very grateful for the help they received so far, and the stove is of great help, because their joinery is bad, as well as the front door through which the wind is blowing and the cold is coming inside.

The family Daraban needs bathroom the most, and Ilije sought help in the form of materials, since he is ready to do all the construction work himself, because it is his profession so it would not be a problem for him to build a bathroom.

The shed should be crashed and a bathroom near the house should be built in its place

We invite all the people of good will to engage and contribute to projects of the Charity Organization Serbs for Serbs who aim at helping the socially disadvantaged multiple children Serbian families throughout Balkan.


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