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First part of help delivery to KiM

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Previous month, members of the Charity organization Serbs for Serbs have delivered the first part of the humanitarian aid for 9 out of 20 families from Kosovo whom they paid a visit in October and, in Metohija, the aid was delivered to the residents of Gorazdevac and Rudnica. The total amount of aid for the 20 families and for the residents from Gorazdevac and Rrudnica is 25.280€. This humanitarian action started in the Visoki Decani Monastery, by celebrating slava of the Monastery, St Stefan Decanski.

2 hay balers for Gorazdevac residents

After the ceremonial, the representatives of Gorazdevac were given 2 hay balers which will be used by 8 families. The residents of Rudnica were given a sprinkler of 450l and a liner for corn.

Residents of Rudnica with sprinkler of 450l and liner for corn

We used the next day to seize the opportunity to reassure ourselves in all the beauty of Sar mountain and to visit Strpce.

Beautifull view from Sar mountain

Day after our visit to Strpce, we paid a visit to first part of families from central Kosovo that the aid was delivered to, together with our friends from Charity organization Majka devet Jugovica. The first family we visited was Velic family from the center of Gracanica. The family consists of parents Slavisa and Sladjana and their three children, Milica (20), Andjela (16) and Aleksa (12). We provided them with a refrigerator and 32m2 of laminate.

New laminate in the room of family Velic

SFS with family Velic next to the new refrigirator

Our next destination was Kuzmin, where we paid a visit to 3 Stojkovic families.

The first family consists of Sinisa and Vesna ad their children Stefan (20) and Kristina (14)

The second family consists of the father Zivorad, mother Djemilja together with their children Nikola (18), Andrijan (15), Bojan (13), Oliver (11) and Strahinja (6) to which we already provided help in the past.

The third Stojkovic family consists of Zarko and Marica with their children Igor (28) and Ivana (26).

We also provided for every family an electric stove.

Family Simijonovic with new laundry machine

The next place we visited was Batuse where we paid a visit to Simijonovic family consisting of deaf-mute grandad Krsto, his daughter and a single mother Sonja with two sons, Milan (14) and Marko (13).

Marko Simijonovic by the new electric stove

We delivered two beds, a washing machine and a stove to the Simijonovic family. For younger members in the family a special joy was brought by giving them a computer thanks to the cooperation with mr. Bane Kojic and his friends.

SFS with family Simijonovic

Further on, we visited family Stojanovic from Straza. There we met with two out of four brothers.

We donated them four beds, a refrigerator, a table and six chairs. This family, where two brothers and their mother suffer from psychological issues caused by NATO bombing, consists of Gradimir and Biserka with their sons Milos (27), Igor (26), Stefan (25) and Aleksandar (17).

The family lives in harsh conditions in a very old house without a bathroom. The psychological condition of some family members  together with inability to work and water shortage in their part of the village make everything even harder.

One of three beds provided for the Stakic family

In Donja Gusterica, we delivered three beds and a wood burning stove to Stakic Slavisa and Jelena and their kids Tijana (22), Tamara (20) and Miljana (19). They were displaced from Stimlje and now they live in Gusterica as subtenants.

SFS with family Djordjevic and material for bathroom

To Djordjevic Stanoje, Biljana and their children Sladjana (22), Radovan (21) and Aleksandar (20) who live in Bostane we delivered the material necessary for the bathroom renovation.

This first part of our help delivery we finish in the village Mesina where we have delivered a cow with a calf to Jevtic Dimitrije, Nadica and their sons Slobodan (27) and Marko (24).  This family is the only family who remained in Mesine and also, a month ago, they were stolen two cows and a calf which caused them great damage.

Dimitrije and Nadice Jevtic

Cow and calf for Jevtic family

We also used this opportunity and paid a visit to Gazimestan where we reminded ourselves of all the sacrifices our people made, from St. Knez Lazar up to today and also reminded ourselves of our obligation to save our land and the people who live there in a very harsh environment without jobs and minimum incomes, oppressed and in fear. We will remember their fight and perseverance to stay and survive in Kosovo and Metohija.

Monument to Kosovo heroes in Gazimestan

With this we finish our first part of providing help to the families from Kosovo and Metohija with the second part coming soon.  We want to express our gratitude to all the donors and people who contribute for the work of our organization and perseverance of Serbian people on Kosovo and Metohija. We invite all people of good will to join us and help us in our work in the Charity organization Serbs For Serbs.


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