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In September 2026 SMS's sent to 7763

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Charity organization Serbs for Serbs started at the beginning of March 2015, a national campaign to help vulnerable families throughout Serbia in cooperation with mobile operators Telekom, Telenor and Vip. Through charity SMS number 7763, during September came 2.026 messages in total, and 45.528 messages from the beginning of the campaign. Charity campaign SMS to 7763 continues. It’s enough to send a blank message or SMS with text if desired. Message price is 100 RSD (without operator fees). We refer gratitude to all donors and friends of organization who are involved in charity campaign of SERBS FOR SERBS organization.

So far, action of sending a charity SMS to 7763 was supported by:
Rap group THC La familia
Boško Ćirković Škabo, a member rep group Beogradski sindikat
Nedeljko Jovanović, Serbian handball player
Novica Bjelica, Serbian volleyball player
Aleksandar Smiljanić, Serbian basketball player
Students of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica

Boban Marjanović, Serbian basketball player

Actors of TV show “Državni posao”
Andrija Gerić
Vasa Mijić

Dušan Borković

Živko Živković, goalkeeper of FK Partizan

Milica Dabović

Danica Krstić
Mirka Vasiljević

Marko Kešelj

Ivana Korab and Vujadin Savić
Send an SMS to 7763 as part of the project CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE!
Number of received messages since the beginning of the campaign:
- March 2015: 4,570 messages
- April 2015: 1,636 messages
- May 2015: 1,495 messages
- June 2015: 1,486 messages
- July 2015: 3,118 messages
- August 2015: 1,176 messages
- September 2015: 1,176 messages
- October 2015: 5,040 messages
- November 2015: 1,438 messages
- December 2015: 6,213 messages
- January 2016: 2,617 messages
- February 2016: 889 messages
- March 2016: 3,278 messages
- April 2016: 1,900 messages
- May 2016: 1,848 messages
- June 2016: 1,964 messages
- July 2016: 2,847 messages
- August 2016: 793 messages
- September 2016: 2,026 messages

Total: 45 528 messages


Bank statement

Last transaction: November 14, 2018
Serbia Serbia 895.529 RSD
Montenegro Montenegro 7.098 EUR
Swtizerland Swtizerland 2.344 CHF
Germany Germany 1.090 EUR
Austria Austria 9.987 EUR
Norway Norway 12.092 NOK
Sweden Sweden 3.228 SEK
Canada Canada 6.750 CAD

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent followed by the US law.
We are registred CRA not-for-profit charitable organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent followed by the Canadian law.